The Beauty of Mallorca

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands and located off the coast of Spain, in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is a touristic hotspot where visitors can enjoy a wide range of holiday destinations, from leisure and sunbathing to the most spectacular outdoor activities such as mountain climbing and kayaking. Whatever your goal, you’re sure to have an unforgettable Mediterranean vacation in Mallorca.

The island is a true natural beauty that was ruled by several kingdoms during its impressive and centuries-long rich history. Today, Mallorca is one of the best-known holiday destinations for tourists from all corners of the world who are not only seeking sun and sand but also a stunningly beautiful mountainous environment that invites . for outdoor and sportive entertainment.

Mallorca is made up of three major regions. The island’s western and northwestern portions are dominated by the rugged Tramuntana mountains, the east coast is marked by the mountains of the Serra de Llevant ridge, while the island’s central region is referred to as ‘es plas’, the plain.

Most of the island’s tourists, though, are staying away from Mallorca’s center, and enjoy its the island’s more than 540 km (340 miles) long coastline and its gorgeous sun-kissed sandy beaches.

Mallorca, just like the rest of Spain, boasts many wonderful quality restaurants, though to find the best, you need to shy away from the busy touristic spots, but that’s similar wherever you go. There are many wine bars and dance venues, and nightclubs, so whether you want to relax or party, Mallorca won’t disappoint you in any way, also not in winter!

Mallorca has a very agreeable Mediterranean climate, meaning the winters are cool and mild with temperatures around the mid-’50s, while the summers are bright and sunny with temperatures that only rarely will get higher than the upper 80’s. The island is nicely green, with rainfall at its lowest during the summer months.

The best time of the year to visit Mallorca is from April to October if you’re a sun-lover and beach-goer, but the other months are the best for outdoor activities as the island is green and the temperatures pleasant

Must Do’s & See’s in Mallorca

– Take hike trails along the island’s ‘Serra de Tramuntana’, the large mountain range that’s covering most of Mallorca’s western and northwestern coast.

– There are great day trips available to Mallorca’s national parks on the nearby islands of Dragonera and Cabrera.

– Visit the beautiful Gothic Roman Catholic Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma, usually named ‘La Seu’, located in the island’s capital Palma.

– Visit the impressive History Museum at Bellver Castle, a Gothic-styled castle located on a hill just 3 km (2 miles) west of Palma’s city center. Bellver Castle was once a military prison a unique circular castle.

– Explore the village of Valldemossa, famous for the Royal Charterhouse of Valldemossa that goes back to the early 14th century. Frédéric Chopin and George Sand lived here as well.

– Check out the bucolic village of Sa Calobra which is found on Mallorca’s northwestern coast. Take your time to soak up the beauty of the area.

– Check out the popular Wednesday-morning market in Sineu. This is one of the most popular and biggest markets in Mallorca, held in the beautiful village of Sineu in the central area of the island.

– Explore Mallorca’s famous Dragon Caves (Cuevas del Drach). These four impressive caves are located in the town of Manacor, near Porto Cristo, and were formed by the tidal flows of the Mediterranean Sea.

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