AquaVera – Lots of Fun under the Almeria Sun

AquaVera Waterpark, located on Spain’s sunny Almeria Coast in the southeastern part of the country, offers lots of safe fun for the entire family. The waterpark is great for both the young and the old. Here, you can enjoy a perfect day with friends or the family full of sun and water, and fun.

AquaVera’s Kamikaze is perfectly suited for the brave and most intrepid who would like to feel the sensation of falling into the Aquodrome’s void and making water races with friends and family. AquaVera’s top-notch attraction is the “Black Hole” that lets you slide down a waterfall in complete darkness.

The waterpark’s Zig-Zag slides twist and turn on two gigantic slides. This attraction is a lot of fun that crisscrosses and descends pretty quickly. If you’re in for something more gentle, you can try the Aventura Rio (Adventure River) by yourself or with your company. Here, you’ll be taken along a great water channel that is descending gently in Spain’s sunlight. There are two pools for relaxation, the Wave Pool and the Lake Pool.

Aqualandia offers the perfect entertainment for your little ones. This attraction includes Tree Adventure, a beautifully shaped treehouse with walkways, sliding bars, a Tibetan Bridge. This is a sheer endless adventure for the young ones under the shade of pine trees.

AquaVera offers numerous places where you can relax and eat your own food or enjoy what the chefs at the park have prepared for you. The park offers something for all tastes and there are plenty of refreshments available as well as, of course, for kids the probably most important thing in a holiday, Ice Cream!

AquaVera Boasts The Following Attractions:

    • Aquódromo
      Here, you can challenge your friends and family to fast-paced races. Who will win this time?
      Minimum required height for the Aquódromo: 120cm
      Only to be used with your body or on a mat
      The attraction height is 11,38 meters, and the length is 148 meters
    • Kamikaze
      At the Kamikaze, you descend at such a great speed that you can experience vertigo. Here, you can feel the sensation of flying over water with a mat. Thus is truly for the bravest only. Minimum required height for the Kamikaze: 120cm
      Only to be used with your body or on a mat
      Kamikaze height is 11,38 meters, and the length is 130 meters
    • Black Holes
      The Black Holes let you experience unforeseen turns and twists in complete total darkness. Who dares? Which Black Hole is more fun? You may do this all alone or accompanied.
      Minimum required height for the Black Holes: 120cm
      You can experience the Black Holes with single, double, or triple floats or with a mattress
      Black Hole 1 is 11,38 meters high
      Black Hole 2 is also 11,38 meters high
      Black Hole 1 is 423 meters long
      Black Hole 2 is 482 meters long
    • Adventure River
      The Adventure River takes you along descends and winding curves while you can enjoy Spain’s great sunshine. You can enjoy AquaVera’s Adventure River alone or in the company of your family and friends.
      Minimum required height for the Adventure River is 120cm
      You may enjoy this attraction with single, double, or triple floats or with a mattress
      The height of this attraction is 12,42 meters
      The Adventure River’s length is 380 meters
    • Zig-Zag Slides
      On the Zig-Zag Slides, you’ll experience exciting descends and quick turns in two fast slides that are intersecting and entangling.
      Minimum required height for the Zig-Zag Slides is 120cm. Children that measure less may also use the attraction but only if they’re accompanied by an adult.
      To be used only with your body or on a mat
      The Zig-Zag Slides both have a height of 12,42 meters
      The length of Slide 1 is 133 metersThe length of Slide 2 is 125 meters
  • Wave Pool
    At the Wave Pool, freshwater rocks you, soothes you, or lets you experience a storm in a funny way.
  • Lake Pool
    After you’ve been through so many attractions, enjoy the pool’s calm waters for a little rest or some gentle water play.
  • Splash Cube
    Do you feel like refreshing yourself? At the Splash Cube, right when you won’t expect it, hundreds of gallons of water will get down on you!
  • Aqualandia
    At Aqualandia, your smallest kids will have lots of fun. Here, they can have endless fun with slides, mushrooms, animals that have water jets, and a lot more…
    The maximum height for Aqualandia is 120cm
  • Adventure in the Tree
    Kids can also have a lot of fun outside of the water at this attraction. Here, they can enjoy a treehouse, a climbing wall, slides, and more endless entertainment protected from the hot sun by AquaVera’s pine forest.

Carretera Garrucha-Villaricos, 04621, Vera-Playa (Almería)
Phone: +34 950 46 73 37 / 09